About Membership

To fulfill the objectives for which it was established, it is essential that the Association is fully representative of manufacturing enterprises in Nigeria. Thus membership is open to manufacturing companies employing not less than ten persons in permanent establishment. Membership is corporate companies being the members and not just the individuals nominated to represent them. Membership is totally voluntary. The Association is always active in recruiting new members so as to make its representation even more comprehensive and effective. From a handful of few members at its inception, membership rose to 3000 industrial enterprises in 1978. Today the strength of membership is well above 2,000

Responsibilities Of Members
  • Code of Conduct

    Every member should:

    •  Endeavour to maintain in all aspects of their operations, a high level of business ethics and recognised standards, thus refraining from all business dealings of questionable nature, which could bring the Association or the manufacturing sector as a whole into disrepute.
    •  Demonstrate transparent commitment to Nigeria‘s industrial objectives and policies placing Nigeria‘s best interest above all others and increasing the contribution of the manufacturing sector to the economy, and towards the improvement of the quality of life of Nigerians.
    • Promote and encourage improved quality standards and process control in all their manufacturing operations.
    •  Refer to the National Council of the Association, any disagreement between members of the Association for arbitration before either party can pursue such a matter further (it necessary) after Council‘s intervention.
  • Payment of Subscription
    • Each member will be required to pay an annual subscription to meet the running expenses of the Association.
    • Every member is bound to further, to the best of his ability, the objects, interest and influence of the Association.
    • Each member will be required to pay an annual subscription to meet the running expenses of the Association.
    •  The subscription shall be calculated in accordance with the decision of the National Council and shall be paid annually at the commencement of each Association year or in the case of new members at the time of application for membership.
    • Each member shall submit to the Director General an annual return showing details required for the assessment of the subscriptions due.
    •  Any member wishing to resign its membership of the Association may only do so by giving at least three months notice in writing of its intention to resign.
    •  Any member resigning shall pay all subscriptions due from it and shall cease, as from the end of the period of its notice, to have any claim on the Association in respect of its funds.
    •  Any member who shall fail in observance of any of the Articles of the Association or act in any manner prejudicial to the interest of the Association may be excluded from the Association on the recommendation of the National Council and confirmed at a General Meeting.
    •  A member so excluded shall forfeit all claims to a return of the money paid by it to the Association on its admission as a member thereof, or by way of annual subscription as the case may be and shall cease to be a member of the Association
  • General Financial Support To The Association
    • Members are required to give financial support including sponsorship of activities to the Association as at when requested.
  • Supply of Data

    Members should support the Association in all its undertakings by prompt provision of data/information when requested and by constructive participation in representations and meetings with Government on behalf of the Association when required.

  • Capacity Building for Members

    Members are expected to participate in MAN training programmes with a view to improving their product quality and manpower capacity.

  • Cooperate Social Responsibility

    In response to the needs of the host community:

    • Members of MAN should demonstrate responsible corporate citizenship at all times.
    • Members should therefore endeavour to support the society in the provision of:
      • Utilities
      • Maintenance of law and order
      • Other philanthropic activities to support the less privileged and the socially disadvantaged.
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