Collaborative Projects

  • Collaborative Project

    The Resource Center undertakes collaborative ventures with local and international organizations viz;

    • SMEDAN
      • The Centre warehouse the MAN/SMEDAN Business Information Centre(BIC) in providing Capacity building for SMEs;
      • SMEDAN provided two books "NACCIMA DIRECTORY and ECONOMIC GUIDE 2008" by NACCIMA and "a Business of Your Own, Eight Steps To Start From The Scratch" for the use of SMEs and the general public. These books will be added to the stock in the library for necessary use by our members and the general public.
    • UNIDO;
      • The centre also warehouses MAN/UNIDO Business Information Service (BIS) centre which provides information for members and general public.
    • Technonet Africa; South-South Global Asset And Technology Exchange (Ss-Gate) Project.
      • The SSGATE project is a system, whose objective is to transfer Technology, Assets and Project finance exchange between Asia and African countries in the areas of Agriculture and Pharmaceutical production system, has fully commenced operation for interested members and the general public interested in this Trade transactions in Asset and Technology between Nigeria and China.
      • It provides a platform for Technology and Assets exchange in the agro and pharmaceutical industries with Chinese companies.
    • It collects and processes project information from Project Owners (PO), and completes a transaction through the following steps:
      • On-line project listing
      • Consultancy services
      • Project price quotation
      • Transaction
      • Settlement
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