• General Services

    These includes:

    • Public Policy Advocacy
    • Monitoring and analysing of government policies
    • Economic research and analysis
    • Preparation of memoranda on topical industrial and economic issues
    • Information dissemination
    • Liaison activities for members
    • Capacity building and manpower development
    • Promotion and organization of trade missions and exhibitions
    • Promotion of Made-in-Nigeria products
    • Reconciliation and harmonization of diverse interests of members
    • Specific intervention on members and sectoral problems
    • Business Consultancy:
      • Investment and financial advisory services
      • Local and international business linkages
    • Seminars and Conferences
    • Publications, which include:
      • MAN Information Brochure
      • Annual Report
      • Half-Yearly Economic Review
      • MAN News - a quarterly publication
      • Nigeria Industrial Directory
      • MAN Newsletter - a monthly publication
    • Information and Communication Technology-based Services
  • Consultancy Services

    The primary target/client here is the SMEs. Services rendered are:

    • Business Development Services

      In the area of Business Development Services, our focus is centered on identifying possible problems affecting SME‘s by preparing a detailed technical due diligence report through review of their operations.

      This report will encompass a diagnostic review and assessment of operation, Finance and Account, Human Resources, Technology, Sales and Marketing, Governance, Ownership and Management, Export Market Potentials, Strategies Compliance and Training.

    • Business Information Services: The range of information includes:
      • Sourcing of raw materials
      • Machinery and equipment
      • Markets, model business profiles
      • Legal/regulatory requirement for starting and operating business.
      • Information is available in both prints and electronic form
    • Provision of business clinic were problems are diagnosed and possible solution offered,
    • Market research for new investors and old clients intending to diversify their operations
    • Preparation of business plan for existing project of new investment
    • Provision of Financial Advisory services
    • Feasibility Report using COMFAR 111 Expert software produced by UNIDO
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