Through its continuous advocacy programmes, MAN has recorded remarkable achievements in a wide range of areas which include:

Industrial Incentives

  • Bonafide Manufacturers Scheme
  • Manufacturers-In-Bond Scheme (MIBS) approved and enjoyed by some members
  • Export Expansion Grant (EEG) now being enjoyed by export oriented members
  • Prohibition on some products to protect some sectors e.g. textile products etc.
  • Sector-specifi c concessions/waivers for sectors such as Pharmaceuticals, Educational materials, Agro-allied industries, SMIs etc.
  • Establishment of Small and Medium Scale Industries Equity Investment Scheme (SMIEIS)
  • Establishment of the Bank of Industry
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency (SMEDAN)
  • Reduction in banks’ interest rate on lending


  • Recognition by government and other stakeholders (National and International).
  • Regular consultation with Government especially at the Federal level on issues bordering on manufacturing.
  • Specific Intervention on members’ challenges
  • Fiscal Policy Incentives
  • Monetary Policy Intervention