Sector/Sub-Sector Sustained Achievements

The Sectoral Department through the leadership of the association was able to resolve some issues between the Sectoral and Sub-Sectoral groups. Such issues include

  • 1. The resolution of local patronage of billets by the Steel Sub-Sector.
  • 2. Inter-industry patronage between the Paints Sub-Sector and the Resin Sub-Section in the Chemical and Phamacitical Sectorial Group.
  • 3. Effort was intensified and resolutions was arrived at and in consultation with the Raw Materials Research and Development Council, an agency of Government, to resolve technical areas in Raw Materials classification between the Soap & Detergent and the Toiletries & Cosmetics.
  • 4. The Association, in furtherance to her objective of promoting Made-In-Nigeria goods and encourage industries inter-linkages between large companies and the SMIs, also resolve local patronage between the bigger companies in Wood Sector and the Furniture Sub-Group, majority of whom are in the SMI group.