Seminars, Training and Workshop

We provide seminars, Trainings, and Workshops that makes Manufactures successful which includes quality improvement, certified operator implementation, lean manufacturing, cost reduction, root cause failure analysis and supervision.

We also do Industrial Statistics, Design of experiments, Quality function deployment, Risk management, technical writing presentation and more. Our purpose is to provide the best and cost-effective trainings with measurable results. Our training approach is focused and results oriented. We present onsite, focused, and results oriented intense training tailored to the need of members. We are driven by a manufacturing philosophy based on respect, responsiveness and results.

Designing Manufacturing Training Program.

  1. Performing a training Need Analysis
  2. Identifying &measuring the business goals or metrics your training is intended to influence
  3. Completing a task analysis
  4. Creating the learning objectives
  5. Performing a learner analysis
  6. Additional things to consider